Thursday, February 29

Day: May 7, 2021

Nissan Magnite review – The brand’s most successful model in India

The Nissan Magnite is perhaps one of the most anticipated compact SUVs in India. It has been made keeping in mind the Indian car market. This is also a way of changing the perception Indian buyers have of the brand in India. And with the Magnite, you get a whole bunch of features, stylish looks and great value for money. Even with features that match its competition, Nissan has managed to price the SUV very competitively, starting with the base, naturally-aspirated model. Even the top-of-the-line turbo petrol CVT variant undercuts its rivals in terms of pricing. We're about to find out if Nissan has finally got the formula right with its baby SUV. An eye Magnite? The Nissan Magnite is a looker, no doubt. It has the unmistakable stance and ground clearance of an SUV. Along the sides, it h...