Sunday, July 21

5 Delicacies To Be Listed While in Semarang

What are some of the tastiest Indonesian dishes you can taste in Semarang? If you are planning to see Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, then make sure to try these fantastic and flavorful dishes:

  1. Rujak Cingur

Rujak cingur is one of several variations of rujak Hitam consisting of different tropical fruits. Rujak cingur is an excellent choice because apart from fruit, it also contains a vegetable with a rare component – the animal’s muzzle. Traditionally, the beef snout is used in rujak cingur, while the vegetables and fruit are served raw or boiled. This dish is made and coated in a hot black sauce made with shrimp paste, sugar, peanuts, and yogurt.

This food comes from East Java. This entirely unique dish can easily be found in all areas of the province, especially in the capital city, Surabaya.

  • Sate Kambing

Goat satay is a typical Indonesian dish whose main ingredient is mutton. The way to cook it starts with soaking the mutton then arranged on a skewer. The skewers used are larger and thicker than those used for chicken satay because the thickness and texture of the mutton are more rigid than the chicken. Even the skewers for goat satay are often made of bamboo. This type of satay is very popular in Java.

  • Karedok

Karedok is a variant of conventional Indonesian vegetable salad. This easy and healthy dish calls for fresh, raw ingredients cut and served on a traditional grill. The sauce is produced from grinding fried peanuts together with salt, palm sugar, and coriander. Sometimes, the sauce is flavored with shrimp paste or garlic. Due to the use of peanut sauce, Karedok is often compared to an assortment.

Karedok can be found either in roadside stalls or in restaurants. Karedok will be more deliciously eaten in the afternoon with broccoli, tempeh, and krupuk, usually conventional oriental prawn crackers.

  • Sayur Asem

Often known as sour soup, this dish is one of Indonesia’s favorite vegetable dishes. The whole dish relies on tamarind, a strange plant usually developed in Southeast Asia, which gives the dish a refreshing sour taste. Asem vegetable comes from the Sundanese area of ​​West Java. However, their first traditional soup recipe is spread all over Indonesia.

  • Ikan Bakar

Grilled fish is a favorite Indonesian and even international dish. Apart from that, there are also other types of seafood, such as squid and shellfish, from time to time. The name grilled fish means fish cooked by grilling. It is essential to marinate fish before grilling to keep it moist. Common seasonings include wheat germ, soy sauce, garlic, galangal, and other spices.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Semarang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.