Sunday, July 21

Essential questions to ask an injury attorney in Louisville

If you have suffered injuries and losses in an accident in Louisville because of someone who owed you a ‘duty of care’, you could sue them for compensation. This is called a personal injury claim. You can only recover a settlement if the defendant was legally responsible for your injuries. In Kentucky, you are pretty much racing against time. The statute of limitations allows a one-year deadline for filing civil lawsuits. You may want to consider talking to an injury attorney Louisville at the earliest. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a lawyer. 

“Have you worked on cases that are comparable to mine?”

When it comes to a lawyer’s experience, “relevancy” is a word that’s often overlooked. You have to hire an attorney who has worked on similar cases. A lawyer may have worked on thousands of auto accident claims but may not know much about medical malpractice lawsuits. 

“How long have you been practicing in Louisville?”

You need a local attorney you can trust for their expertise. Choose a law firm that’s based in Louisville and has an office here. Also, you need an attorney specializing in personal injury law. Just like you cannot expect a nephrologist to treat your heart problem, you cannot expect a family lawyer to win a personal injury claim for you. 

“How much would you charge?”

PI lawyers charge a contingency fee, which is a different type of arrangement when compared to the hourly rate or a flat fee that lawyers usually charge. The contingency fee is a fixed percentage of your recovery, which is only payable if the lawyer wins. You may have to pay anywhere from 25% to 40% as the contingency fee. Ask in advance so that you know if fighting the personal injury case will benefit you in the long run. 

“Do you have experience representing clients at trial?”

More than 90% of personal injury cases in Kentucky are settled outside of court. A trial is an expensive option for the claimant and defendant alike, but you need to prepare for the worst possible scenario. When you look for attorneys, ensure that they have courtroom confidence to represent you at trial, if needed. 

Also, don’t forget to ask the attorney about communication. As a client, you should be able to talk to your attorney and get updates on the case from time to time. The lawyer should patiently answer your questions and must be open to discussing things further.