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Until recently, vaginal rejuvenation and tightening procedures were all invasive procedures carried out under general anesthesia and involved incisions, discomfort, and a long recovery. Sometimes the side effects which were involved were too risky. Laser Vaginal Tightening Toronto has changed the way vaginal tightening is done. This new laser-based treatment is an effective and safe method that has become an increasingly popular choice. It is a pain-free method that can help to deal with vaginal relaxation syndrome and vaginal atrophy. Here is all that you need to know about this revolutionary technology and how it works to tighten the walls of the vagina.

What are vaginal relaxation syndrome and vaginal atrophy?

Multiple childbirths can cause the vaginal canal to stretch and tear. This leads to vaginal relaxation syndrome as there is vaginal laxity and looseness, which is because the vaginal muscles are poorly tones. There is an increased diameter of the vaginal canal. During menopause, the estrogen levels in the blood can decrease, which typically causes vaginal atrophy. This is an experience that post-menopause women go through.

It is suggested to do Kegel exercises as they help to strengthen the muscles which are present in the pelvic floor. Until recently, this was the only reliable method available to those who didn’t want to undergo an invasive procedure. When there is vaginal atrophy and laxity, it can cause a lot of itching and burning sensations once the inflammation sets in. it can also make intercourse quite painful as there is a lack of moisture present to protect the delicate tissues and increase the pleasure.

How does the laser treatment work?

The laser treatment is a short treatment that lasts for about 15 minutes per sitting. In the treatment, quick and rapid bursts of thermal energy are sent to the targeted area. The wavelengths sent out by the laser create a thermal effect in the tissues of the vaginas, which help stimulate collagen remodeling and neogenesis. This, in turn, causes the skin cells of the vagina to shrink, which leads to the tightening of the vaginal canal. Vaginal laser treatment is highly effective and an excellent option for those who don’t want to opt for an invasive procedure.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

Before undergoing any treatment, you might find yourself wondering whether the procedure is comfortable or not. One of the reasons this treatment is popular is that it is minimally invasive and very comfortable as there is no cutting of any sort involved. However, you might experience mild burning or some warm sensations near the vaginal opening. This is normal.

What are the side effects?

There are no side effects which are involved with this type of vaginal tightening procedure. There are also no reported long-lasting post-treatment symptoms. However, you might experience an increase in lubrication and vaginal tightness. Before you undergo the procedure, the surgeon will help to determine whether this procedure is the right way to go and what it can do for you.