Thursday, February 29

Perks of Having A Family Green Card In US

There are many people from different nations who want to immigrate to the US with the help of a Green Card. And that is why the US has come up with various types of Green cards of immigrant visas that people can apply for. One of the major categories is the family-based Green cards for the people who want to join their family living in the US. 

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Perks of having a family green card in the US

A family green card is an immigrant visa that allows people to join their relatives or family living in the US. It can be anyone like your spouse, parents, siblings, but distant relatives like cousins or grandparents do not qualify for it. Receiving a green card means the person can permanently move to the US. The advantages of having a family green card are mentioned below.

  • The US will not move you to your country of origin.

Having a green card means you will maintain a status pf a permanent citizen in the US no matter what changes are made to the US immigration law. A green card is not temporary; therefore, the person holding it will not be withdrawn with potential modifications to immigration laws. But, the person can lose their green card status if convicted of committing a crime or violating law. 

  • You are protected by the laws of local jurisdiction, state of residence, and the U.S

The laws of the US will legally protect you just like any other permanent residence.

  • You can easily travel to any other country than any other visa holder.

A person having a green card can freely move to any country and re-enter the US than any other visa holder, as they return within 12 months.

  • One can apply for various jobs in the US.

A green card holder will always get better job opportunities than a person holding a work visa. They can get jobs that involve government work and security clearances.

  • You can engage in political works.

You can influence the life of the US by engaging yourself in politics at all levels, including from local councilperson to the president. 

  • Less paperwork when renewing

Visa holder other than green cards has to renew either annually or biannually. At the same time, green card holders have to renew it every ten years. The renewal process starts six months before the date of expiry.