Friday, June 14

Planning manufacturing unit architecture: Expertise counts!

Setting up a factory or manufacturing unit requires extensive planning and a futuristic vision.  For investors, the even goal is functionality and optimal operations, besides aesthetics. For manufacturing units, certain design considerations and components are always common. In this post, we are discussing more on the relevance of expertise and how to find the right firm. 

 Select a reliable architectural practice

Commercial architecture requires a more expansive approach to planning. Finding the right architect for the project can make a big difference. In Montreal, firms like architecte usine Stendel Reich have handled a wide range of projects, including manufacturing units and distribution centers. For selecting a firm, you can ask questions – 

  1. How long have you been designing manufacturing units?
  2. Can you finish the project from planning and design to eventual execution? 
  3. Will you offer a quote? Does it contain a plan to handle the contingencies?

Having a firm that has worked on similar project requirements such as yours is always an advantage. 

Consider the basics

There are a few things about manufacturing units are essentially important. 

  1. The first is size, and next is orientation. The eventual goal of setting up a factor will determine these factors. 
  2. The layout of a manufacturing unit is as important as it determines the workflow within the entire pace, which again will reflect in operational efficiency. 
  3. The third aspect is storage and environment requirements. Certain cooling systems are necessary in food processing factors or specific manufacturing units. 

Ask for quotes

Most architecture firms will be happy to give a quote. However, the quote should not be just about adhering to a budget. Also, don’t be tempted to select an architectural practice simply because they are offering the lowest quote. Ideally, the best idea is to check if the expertise of a firm aligns with the goals of your project. That said, if a company has specific experience of working in your industry or has complete projects with similar requirements as yours, it is always an added advantage. 

Final word

Considerable work does in planning and eventually completing a manufacturing unit. It makes sense to invest in the right team that’s handling architecture, design, and planning, and sometimes, this could be the most extensive part of the entire project. If you want to know an architectural practice better, just discuss with them at length about their expertise and what they can additionally bring to the table. s