baby bats in blankets Bitta Kidda Baby Soother Sleeping Bag Wearable Blanket + Lovey



100% Cotton ***ORDER DIRECT FOR FAST SHIPPING***A simple idea that will make bedtime and naptime SAFER! The Wearable Lovie sleeping sack allows your baby to have the comfort of a stuffed animal, and the softness of a blanket to snuggle in their crib, without the worry. GENIUS! There’s more: the patent-pending, diagonal zipper feature makes middle-of-the-night diaper-changes a snap! Because the sack zips like a dress (instead of a jacket), there is no need to fumble with matching up the zipper ends – all while your baby is content to snuggle the attached lovie. And, since the zipper ends under the arm (and is covered by a tab), you don’t have to worry about your baby unzipping themselves. Even as your child grows, the Wearable Lovie is key – no more flinging the lovie out of the crib during the night, which means a more restful sleep for your little one (mom and dad too!). It gets better: the internal diaper cover acts as the bottom of a onesie allowing the sleeping sack to move as your baby moves. Because your baby won’t get entwined in the sack fabric, they will sleep more soundly – BONUS! Made from 100% cotton, (and the attached lovies 100% cotton velour), your baby will quickly learn to self-soothe by being able to cuddle with the easy-to-reach, blanket-soft lovies all throughout the night (or naptime). All Bitta Kiddas meet Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements for children’s sleepwear.


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