Friday, June 14

The amazing truth about epoxy basement

Epoxy basement flooring protects the basement from moisture, preventing leaks or spills from seeping into the floor below and causing other damage which may destroy the basement. Water remains on its surface, but it is easy to clean. Epoxy is well known and resistant to germs and bacteria, eliminating all molds or mildew problems.

  Is epoxy basement durable?

High-traffic industrial settings like warehouses, factories, and epoxy floors might last two or three years. But in a residential basement, the life of epoxy expands by 10 to 20 years which needs proper care. No doubt epoxy basements are durable and can spend a lot of time with you.  Epoxy is a common coating for garage floors, epoxy can easily resist impacts and will not chip or crack after many times.

Is the epoxy basement Waterproof?

Epoxy is well known for its Waterproof quality which means it can protect the flooring beneath it from humidity or moisture. If your basement is damp then it is important to protect all parts of the basement from moisture, as mold and mildew can begin to thrive in this.

Is epoxy good for concrete?

Epoxy basement is considered a better option as compared to concrete. It looks worse to wear. Polyuria adheres through some chemical bonds, so it is not possible to peel off after time is spent just because of weak adherence. Epoxy basement is not considered good for chipping and cracking.

Is the epoxy basement slippery?

Epoxy floors give a slippery look, but sometimes these are smooth just like other floors while they’re also skid resistant.  In case you install an epoxy floor it gives you slip-resistant options which helps you a lot.  Walking carefully this step will also protect you from falling and slipping.

Can epoxy bare concrete?

Epoxy basement is not considered a reliable product for bearing concrete cracks because of settlement. Dry shrinks or other factors, cracks can be found but not soon after a long time, so you don’t need to panic about this situation. If a crack occurs, make a gentle preparation for its repair. You can easily move forward with an epoxy basement.

Is epoxy better than cement?

Standard concrete is 4,000-5,000 psi. But the epoxy system Simon Surface easily reaches 10,000 psi or above it. And can be two-to-three times stronger than concrete. So, epoxy is demanded more than ordinary cement and a stylish way to give a new look to the basement.

The strengths of epoxy basement flooring can be easily afforded high customizability and great durability. But if we talk about its weakness, this material includes a long curing time, which is difficult in the installation process and can give a slippery surface when wet or oily, so avoid these things.

Can epoxy break down?

Epoxy is well known and resistant to wear, cracking, corrosion peeling, and damage from chemical and environmental degradation. Epoxy can resist humidity and moisture once it is cured. Some of the epoxy is UV resistant, which helps to work moderately in a good manner.