Sunday, July 21

What Pool Products Are Essential To Have At Home?

One of the biggest questions when treating the pool is knowing which products to buy. The options are diverse, and deciding which items are right is not always a simple task. Choosing pool products correctly guarantees to leave it clean, with crystal clear water, and always ready to use.

Do you want to know which pool products and spa water testing must not be missing in your home? Next, check out our recommendations and find out how to keep this part of your home adequately cared for.

  1. Chlorine

Chlorine is one of the essential pool products to have at home. It is a sanitizing element; it works by eliminating bacteria and other microorganisms that contaminate the water and are potentially harmful to health through a chemical reaction, which leaves them oxidized and harmless. Buy stabilized chlorine as it has more excellent resistance, even when applied in the sun.

Chlorine is the main product for the treatment of swimming pools, and it is essential to have it at home, but many people are afraid or doubtful about its handling. In addition to providing excellent cost-effectiveness, it simply automates the water treatment process.

  1. Ph Controllers

The pH determines the efficiency of chlorine, prevents irritation caused to the skin and the growth of microorganisms. The ideal is to keep it between 7.2 and 7.6 – if it is above or below these marks, the water, and the pool can have some problems.

To carry out this control, it is necessary to carry out measurements using a test strip or a test kit.

  1. Algaecides

Do you know that greenish water that some pools have? To avoid it, stop the proliferation of algae, keep your collection always clean, and use an algaecide. No matter how well cared for, some algae are resistant to the action of chlorine, so it is necessary to treat the pool with this product.

  1. Decanter

This device makes the dirt settle, facilitating its removal through aspiration. It is a quick solution for treating your pool and, after a short waiting time, it can be used commonly.

  1. Edge Cleaner

The oily aspect of the edges is quite uncomfortable, right? To avoid it, use the edge cleaner and have your pool looking like new! This product does not change the chemistry of the water and removes marks caused by oils, suntan lotion, insects, and sunscreen.

  1. Brushes

Brushes are also fundamental pool products. Look for models that won’t damage your pool’s structure and clean off oil and dirt buildup. For concrete or masonry pools, remove the algae infestation present in the tile joints using a stainless-steel brush. Once this is done, remember to vacuum the decanted material at the bottom of the pool and clean the edge using products indicated for this purpose. For those made of fiber or vinyl, choose nylon brushes.