Sunday, July 21

What You Need to Know to Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

From the moment they are born, children develop rapidly. The new physiological changes warrant a cause of concern for all parents. As your kid grows, baby teeth appear, and the worry about their oral health further escalates, especially for first-time parents. Caring for your child’s oral health requires you to invest time and attention. Dental defects are a common problem in a kid’s development. A family dentist in Frisco uses innovative technologies to correct these flaws for a healthier child. This article delves into the various remedies to your child’s ill oral health.

1. Gum care

Taking care of your child’s dental health begins before the onset of teeth. The gums are the foundation of the teeth and thus need specialized care. You should wipe your baby’s gums with a damp cloth to remove milk residue and solid foods. As your child develops teeth, use a brush with gentle bristles to brush their teeth. The gums and teeth of a child are tender and hard toothbrushes may cause rupturing of the blood vessels and possibly gingivitis. Proper gum care is pivotal in preventing gum disease and tooth decay in the latter years of your toddler’s life. It is best to seek Lone Star Dental’s recommendation on what type of toothbrush suits your kid’s gums.

2. Planning an oral hygiene routine

It is essential to start up your kids on a solid foot pertaining to their oral health. Brushing teeth may not interest most kids, and therefore, you need to make a brushing game out of it. The play elicits their creative ability as well as improving their dental health. Reward them with non-sugar treats when they stick to their oral hygiene routine. It would help if you incorporate regular visits to the dentist to examine your child’s teeth to avert potential dental diseases in your routine.

3. Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment will straighten the crooked teeth of your child or space them evenly. Genetic combinations between the parents may cause crooked teeth. Other factors that affect tooth alignment include allergies and open mouth posture. Orthodontic treatment is usually done at a young age. A pediatric dentist may remove some teeth to create space or use braces to align teeth in your child’s mouth. Orthodontic treatment takes one to two years, depending on the extent of misalignment and the number of teeth. After orthodontic treatment, the dentist puts retainers in your kid’s mouth to ensure the teeth settle in the required position. Orthodontic treatment is a beautiful way to improve your child’s oral health.

4. Pediatric crowns

Dental cavities may significantly damage your children’s crowns. The remedy to damaged teeth is pediatric crowns. The main pediatric crowns are:

  • Zirconia ceramic
  • Stainless steel
  • Resin-veneered

Pediatric crowns restore the chewing ability of your kid’s teeth. A pediatric crown should have a good cosmetic finish and functionality. Dentists use crowns with dental sealants to provide comfort and durability while chewing.

The transitory process from childhood to adulthood is crucial to your child’s oral health. How you handle this phase will have long-term effects on the dental health of your child. You now know how to improve your child’s dental health significantly. It is imperative to schedule regular pediatric dentistry appointments at Lone Star Dental Care center for the wellness of your baby’s teeth.