Sunday, July 21

Where to Spend the Weekends When You Live in Orlando

It may be hard for most of us to imagine, but some people live in Orland full-time. This is the same Orlando home to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Hogwarts, and the miniature fantasy world of Epcot. But if you live there, what do you do for fun?

Non-Disney Fun

Living in Orlando full-time would be perfect because you can go to Disney whenever possible! However, although residents of Orlando do get discounts at the parks, it’s still pretty pricey. Many people who live in the area also work at the park and get to enjoy it every day. Eventually, it becomes less magical and more of daily life. But you don’t HAVE to love Disney to live in Orlando.

Downtown Orlando is a suburban/urban city with plenty of nightlife, eateries, and activities for all ages. There are several botanical gardens for exercise and education. Indoor go-karts and arcades, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, or even test your bravery at iFly indoor skydiving. Gatorland is one of Orlando’s oldest attractions. They offer up-close encounters for those who love animals and ziplining for adrenaline junkies.

Florida is known for its swamps and humid and wet climate during the summer months. If you’ve never seen a gator, you’ll see them in Florida for sure. Airboat tours are quite popular as well and it’s the best way to see what the bayou offers. There is also a Native American Village and a 70-foot mine to visit.

Other Theme Parks

Overall, theme parks may be inescapable in Orlando. Even outside of Disney and Universal, you can find adventure on every corner. Fun Spot America is the only family-owned theme park in central Florida. It is the pride and joy of locals, and it can be yours too if you’re relocating to this magical city. There are plenty of beautiful Orlando homes to rent and own but you’ll have to come to love the lively atmosphere here. 

Many visitors and locals enjoy the Central Florida Zoo, Giraffe Ranch, and Wild Florida. These tend to be the perfect weekend spots for families. Kids will be thrilled and they’ll be all worn out by the end of the day. 

And for the big kids or adults, check out Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. They offer outdoor climbing challenges for an array of skill levels. Test your skills on the ropes, nets, trapeze, and swings. Additionally, Real Florida Adventures offers guided tours if you’re seeking a more educated trip. Take a tour of the Kennedy Space Center and learn all there is to know about rocket launches. However, we think the most exciting tour they offer is swimming with manatees. The kids will never forget an adventure like that!

Don’t Forget the Free Stuff

Disney Springs is one of the premiere spots for shopping, eating, and gathering spots in Orlando. There are over 100 retail stores to pursue so be sure to bring extra money and extra room in your vehicle for your bags. Since it is such a popular spot for residents and visitors alike, there are always events happening. Although you may end up spending a lot of money, it’s a free experience that is worth the escape from the parks.

Universal’s City Walk is another great free option for your weekend thrills. Universal has free parking after 6 pm and the complex is free to visit of course. There are nightclubs, restaurants, and even a splash pad for the littles. And we cannot forget to mention Icon Park. As it says in the name, it is quite iconic to Orlando residents. The park features a huge 400-foot Ferris wheel that you can see glowing from miles away.

If you happen to be heading to Orlando for a Disney vacation, then you’ll have plenty on your to-do list. But these options are great for a weekend getaway or an unplanned trip.