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What to know about GDRFA?

The services provided by the GDRFA are directly relevant to visitors and foreigners in Dubai. As a result, it is critical in assisting and simplifying the entrance and exit approval of visitors and residents of Dubai. It also permits a skilled person to work for UAE-based companies and support their family in the UAE. Visitors and professionals who shift to the emirate from other countries make a significant contribution to the national economy. And none of this would be attainable without the GDRFA Services. The following are the GDRFA’s offerings:

  • Book Services for Families: GDRFA is responsible for all Family Book-related services. This comprises services such as wedding or separation, the insertion of a new-born child to the books, restoration of a missing or damaged book, enrolment cancellation, and other similar services.
  • Services for Residency: GDRFA’s plan also includes citizenship programs. As a result, whether you need a current visa, a visa extension, or an updated Green Card, you must contact the GDRFA. At GDRFA, escort services may be added or removed, status can be changed, and citizenship permits can be transferred or canceled.
  • Services for Passports: Restoration of a heavily damaged passport, issuing a passport for a foreign wife (dependant on husband), issuing a passport for a new infant, and issuing a digital passport are all services provided by the GDRFA. Furthermore, passport updates are included in their services.

If you require help, a GDRFA customer support professional will make every effort to resolve your issue. The organization is crucial in preserving law and harmony and managing visitors, residents, and workers in Dubai. You may go to the official site, register a GDRFA account, and then proceed. Additionally, the GDRFA app can be downloaded.

What is the understanding behind Emirates ID?


The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship provides Emirates ID cards. All UAE nationals and expatriates are required by law to enroll for it and have one for them in all circumstances. It would be against the law, according to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, to take another person’s Emirates ID card. Organizations are not permitted to refuse to issue Emirates ID cards to any workers, clients, or tourists. They are only permitted to take personal details from ID cards.

The Emirates identity card is distinguished by its unique identifying number, referred to as the identity number, which remains with the user indefinitely. By using this id, he will be able to obtain all official and certain non-governmental and independent sector facilities that require an identification card as proof of who is using the facility. The identifying number is highlighted since it is unique and one-of-a-kind. It has a total of 15 numbers. Card users should report any violations to the appropriate authorities. The following is an example of how the Emirates ID would be used:

  • To obtain state services
  • To participate in United States national Council elections
  • As documentation to get through customs at many UAE airports’ Gates and smart gates.

When would you be able to renew your Emirates ID?

An invalid ID card must be renewed within thirty days of its termination date, otherwise, late penalties will follow. It’s worth noting that after an Emirates ID lapses, the bearer should request for a reissue. You will get an SMS message from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) asking that you renew your Emirates ID card. Your renewal application must be submitted in person at an approved drafting center or digitally through FAIC’s website. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) offers a 24-hour emergency service for obtaining an Emirates ID card. Fawri is the name of the facility, and it is accessible for the standard mentioned prices and an emergency service charge.


In this article, we have broadly discussed the services of GDRFA and details about an Emirates ID renewal.