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Best Types Of Kitchen Countertops For Your Next Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen enables you to spruce up its overall aesthetics and improve its functionality. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the remodeling procedure for every kitchen unit and ensure that you use suitable materials for them. 

For instance, you can consider replacing your kitchen cabinetry entirely or resort to cabinet refacing Tustin to enhance your kitchen cabinets’ look and functionality. On the other hand, for your kitchen countertops, you will need to select the appropriate kind of material to use for your kitchen. 

Kitchen remodeling companies Pasadena like Mr. Cabinet Care have a lot of recommendations when it comes to kitchen countertops. They can provide you with various countertop materials, such as concrete, granite, marble, and quartz.

Concrete or grout is the most common material used for kitchen countertops. This type of countertop is durable and has quite a long life expectancy. It is also easy to maintain and improves energy efficiency during the cooking process as concrete is heat-resistant. 

However, if you want a very functional kitchen countertop that is still attractive and pleasing to the eye, you should consider a granite countertop. Granite is one of the oldest types of kitchen countertop available and is very tough and durable. This type of countertop also comes in various colors, such as black, gray, white, and tan.Also, a granite countertop is very expensive, so if you are going to purchase one, you might want to check into other types of countertops before making the final purchase.

Finally, another option for kitchen countertops is marble. Marble is a natural stone that looks great in most kitchens. The one downside to using marble is that it can scratch if it is not sealed well. Another drawback to marble is that it stains easily. This type of kitchen countertop material is great if you plan on keeping it white, but you might want to consider checking out another kind of stone or material.

Another countertop material that you might want to consider is quartz. This type of material is an excellent alternative to granite and marble. Quartz possesses a nonporous surface, which makes it scratch and stain-resistant. However, you also have to note that this countertop material can be costlier than the abovementioned materials. 

Here is an infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care, which provides more information about the four types of kitchen countertop materials. 

Best Types of Kitchen Countertops for Your Next Remodel