Thursday, November 30

Car Accident Witnesses: The Important Role they Play in Your Claim

Even when a car driver is at fault for an accident, they may not admit to causing the crash. The common reason is that this could indicate a possible rise in their insurance rates. Or perhaps they don’t have enough insurance coverage and must pay out of pocket for the victim’s damages. If you are a victim of a car accident caused by another driver, you can use a credible eyewitness to give statements regarding your accident. Los Angeles car accident attorneys can locate and interview these witnesses to request statements that can be used to support your claim. 

Importance of Witnesses in Car Accident Cases

Because drivers involved in a car accident are biased, lawyers, juries, and insurance companies value the statements of unbiased witnesses. Insurance companies may want to settle for fair compensation if they know you have credible witnesses. An objective witness will often give an honest depiction of your car crash since they have nothing to lose for doing it. 

A witness can be a pedestrian who was somewhere near the accident scene. Other witnesses that your attorney can get in touch with include business owners, construction workers, and passengers of other vehicles. Although passengers in every vehicle involved in the accident have witnessed the crash, they may not be good examples of objective witnesses since they are involved in it.

Getting Statements from Witnesses

 Your injury attorney can use recorded or written statements as evidence to strengthen your claim. Because car crashes can occur quickly, you may not be able to remember significant details on what occurred, after some time. If your lawyer thinks you have a valid claim, they will interview witnesses to know if they could help boost your injury claim. 

While you are still at the scene of the accident, check if some people witnessed the crash. If you can find witnesses, try to get their information and your lawyer will get in touch with them later. Also, ask the witness if you could record your conversation. 

If you have been in a car crash, an experienced attorney can be the best ally in your pursuit of fair compensation. Your lawyer will review your claim to ensure it is strong enough not to be denied by the insurance company. Because personal injury attorneys offer free consultation and don’t get paid upfront, you don’t have a reason to ignore their services. They only get paid when you do.