Friday, June 14

Comparing car accident attorneys in Albuquerque? Check these pointers!

Hundreds of auto accidents are reported in New Mexico every year. Some are just minor fender benders, but others lead to unprecedented consequences. The state has very claimant-friendly laws for car accident victims, and even if you were partly to blame for causing the accident, you could seek compensation from the at-fault party. Hiring a reliable car accident attorney Albuquerque is critical for winning a fair settlement. Here are some quick pointers for comparing lawyers in your area.

  1. Don’t hire an attorney who is always busy. If the lawyer’s office didn’t respond to your calls or when the lawyer is too busy to schedule an appointment, look for other options. It would help if you found a legal team that takes you on priority.
  2. Ask for a free consultation. Most law firms in Albuquerque do not charge clients for an initial evaluation of the claim. You can ask for a consultation session, where you can discuss the key aspects of your case.
  3. Check the lawyer’s reviews. It is wise to check what other clients have to say about an attorney or law firm. For instance, if an attorney has too many negative reviews, it could be a sign of their incompetency.
  4. Ask about trial experience. Typically, car accident claims are settled outside of court in New Mexico. However, if your case needs a trial, your lawyer’s experience will come in handy. Ask the attorney if they have worked on cases that required a trial.
  5. Know the fee structure. Most lawyers don’t ask for an immediate fee. When it comes to car accident lawsuits, a contingency fee is the standard norm. Don’t choose a lawyer because of the price alone, but it is important to know the fee structure.
  6. Consider the comfort. While your car accident lawyer doesn’t have to be your therapist, they are expected to be available and empathetic. If an attorney doesn’t seem too interested in hearing your story, you have to look for other options.
  7. Discuss the legal options. An attorney should guide you on the worth of your claim, rights, and interests. Ask the lawyer about the various legal options you can consider for a given situation. Also, don’t forget to discuss your share in the fault (if any).

If you are honest with a top lawyer, they can fight tooth and nail to get you the settlement you deserve. Just don’t delay taking action.