Thursday, November 30


Many times, when we move from one city to another, from one state to another, from one nation to another, or from one continent to another continent, we must also import our automobiles for a variety of reasons. Travelling by automobile between cities or states is now simple, but anything beyond that necessitates the importation of your vehicle. Today, we’ll learn about Clearit car importing to Canada, which provides car importing services.


Importing a car into the United States may be a time-consuming and challenging procedure. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US Department of Transportation (DOT)/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the US Customs Service have established several criteria that your car must meet to cross the border. There may also be state-specific restrictions that apply.

Car import service covers:

  • The ITN number or the AES number are included in the car import service.
  • The submission will be submitted at the Automotive Export Control, with a 72-hour notice required.
  • There’ll be an agent on-site at the time you will be crossing.
  • The business will begin preparing itself, as well as you, for the customs release.
  • When you import your automobile to Canada, you will be required to pay remittance to Canada Customs underneath the area of duties and taxes.
  • The necessity for complete cooperation when your automobile crosses borders will be explained to you, and the business will take care of everything.
  • The corporation will arrange and keep all of the official documentation of the accounts that are needed for the complete border control, that is, for all of the customs together, and then hand it over to the car owner, who can then verify everything and see if everyone is in order before accepting the documents.

Importing automobiles comes with a slew of fees:

When you import something, you receive the features shown above. Pay approximately about $389.99 to the firm when importing to Canada. If you wish to import your automobile somewhere else, you may do so by visiting Clearit’s website. There’s a calculator there, and if you click on it and fill in the data, you’ll get an estimate of the price.


According to the price-to-features ratio, this company’s price is adequately justified. Another of those better firms that are extremely good has many clients and isn’t too pricey. So, the next time you consider importing your vehicle, you know what to do!