Friday, June 14

Preparing to meet a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer

A no-fault divorce in Utah doesn’t have to be complicated. So, do you really need a lawyer? Hiring a divorce lawyer is about protecting your interests and rights. They work on your side, can mediate when needed, and will negotiate with your spouse to come up with a separation agreement that’s acceptable to both. The first meeting with a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer is the most important one, and in this post, we are sharing top tips to prep better. 

  1. Take your documents along. If yours is a high net-worth divorce, your lawyer would want to know the assets you own. Marital assets are divided equitably in Utah, which doesn’t necessarily mean equal. If you want alimony, your lawyer would want to know your income, employment details, and current financial status. Consider keeping a file handy, so that you can furnish the details needed. 
  2. Be honest. Why do you want the divorce in the first place? Do you expect your spouse to cooperate? Are you having an affair? Do you want the custody of your kids? What do you expect in child support? It is important to fair and honest with your divorce lawyer. If they know the circumstances surrounding the divorce, they can advise accordingly. 
  3. Ask questions. If you are meeting a divorce lawyer for the first time, you must ask questions related to their work profile, like – 
  1. How long have you been a divorce lawyer?
  2. Have you handled cases comparable to mine?
  3. Can you share a few references?
  4. How many divorce cases have you handled so far?
  5. Do you have experience of both mediation and trial?
  1. Keep it simple. Your divorce lawyer is not your therapist. Yes, you can get support that you need, but your lawyer cannot listen to the squabbles and long stories, unless relevant for the case. A good attorney will advise as needed, but they like to keep conversations with clients as short and brief as possible. 
  2. Ask about financials. The cost of your divorce depends on many factors, including the fee of your lawyer. Some lawyers charge a retainer fee, while others have an hourly charge. Either way, it is best to have a ballpark estimate from your lawyer, so that you can decide on whether you can afford their services. For ethical reasons, divorce lawyers don’t work on a contingency basis. 

Call a lawyer as soon as you decide to file for divorce in Utah.