Friday, June 14

Who Pays For Your Work Injuries in Virginia?

After sustaining a work-related injury, you may be temporarily disabled to go back to work. The injuries can bring a lot of financial stress on the injured worker, especially if they do not have enough funds to cover their medical treatment and no personal medical insurance that will cover their treatment. In such cases, one of the common questions that arise is, who will pay for your medical bills for the injury you attained at the workplace?

Fortunately, under workers’ compensation Virginia law, the employer is responsible for paying for all the medical treatment that the worker needs. If you suffered an injury at work, you are also entitled to get compensation for the loss of income for the days you missed your work due to the injury. However, the procedure can be complex. This is why you must consult Richmond workers’ compensation lawyers who will help protect your rights and get the deserving compensation. 

Will you or your employer will pay for your work injuries?

As per Virginia law, your employer or its workers’ compensation insurer is responsible for paying for your medical treatment. Three factors are taken into consideration:

  • Whether the medical treatment you are receiving is due to your work-related injury. 
  • Whether the medical treatment is essential for the injury. 
  • Whether your physical advised the treatment and the further needed medical treatment. 

When the medical test meets the above requirement, your employer will pay for your medical treatment without needing you to pay a single dollar from your pocket. These payments cover your diagnosis and testing costs, doctor’s appointments, medical treatments, surgery costs (if needed), medications, and even the traveling cost until your doctor’s office. 

Another perk of the compensation is that your employer or the insurance company does not get to decide whether you will need the treatment or not. The decision about your treatment will be in your doctor’s hands. The doctor will work in your best interest and advise you on the appropriate treatment and advice. 

Should you contact a lawyer?

If you suffer from a workplace injury, it is essential to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you navigate through the process and help you get maximum compensation for your injuries and other losses. Additionally, the lawyer will also work closely with your doctor to ensure your injuries are correctly documented, as the reports will come in handy during filing workers’ compensation claims.