Saturday, April 13

An in-Depth Understanding of Competitive Intelligence and How to Apply This to Take Your Business to the Next Level

The best way to grow your business is to act on your consumer’s feedback and understand what your competitors are doing to be steps ahead of you. Gathering and organizing these ideas to outshines your competitors and boost productivity is referred to as competitive intelligence. These can be best achieved by structuring the following; advertising, content marketing, SEO, and a social media strategy. The latter is the best handle by using competitive intelligence tools, which comprises software and apps that a company uses to gather and analyze important information to boost the business. There are a couple of competitive intelligence tools domineering today; below are comprehensive details on choosing the best tools and applying them for more efficiency.

Top seven competitive intelligence tools that leading businesses are using today

Semrush traffic analytics

This competitive and market research tool has been regarded best for analyzing your web activity. This is by identifying your type of audience and how they view your content, product, and services. Should you be strategizing on product development, the tolls help research your target niche and require your business to be top-notch. Through comparison with other competitor websites, the tool provides the best buyer’s experience through your platforms.

  • Owletter

This is an email analytics tool that helps to boost a company, email marketing strategy. The tool monitors the company’s emails by checking how scheduled their emails are and their content in their emails. Depending on the number of premiums paid to this tool, it can also analyze your competitor’s email marketing strategy.

  • Buzzsumo

For both your website and social media platforms, buzzsumo is a tool that helps identify the best-selling content to use on these avenues. Through these tools, you can get identify the best influencers that can help grow your brand.

  • Alexer

This software helps to improve your content by providing the SEO and PPC strategy. Content and keyword research make the company update content that builds a lot of traffic online.

  • Track maven

The data aggregation software helps to analyze data from different marketing platforms. Collecting and understanding how to use your marketing data makes the business response high, which is demonstrated through results?

  • Similar web

The tool is used for content and SEO marketing. By checking out different social media platforms and websites used by your competitors, it makes it easy for the tool to identify content that will sell your services and represent your brand.

  • Crayon

Making follow-up on the company’s campaign makes it easy for the tool to help analyze how a product is doing in the market. The tool also monitors the product price and reviews made by the consumers.

 How to identify the best competitive intelligence tool for your business

The role of the competitive intelligence tools is to help you link with your clients and understand their role in the growth of your businessman example of a platform that offers this best is Netbase Quid. It helps connect with consumers and analyze their feedback. The platform also handles data analytics to analyze it for use in different business departments. The platform helps in product management, digital marketing, customer care, and public relations. For the best productivity, it is important to go for competitive intelligence tools with user-friendly features and easy to use by your staff.

There are different strategies that you need as a business owner to grow your business. Being ahead of your competitors being one of them, you must choose the best competitive intelligence tools. This is to analyze and organize ideas to help beat competition in your industry.