Thursday, November 30

Is Your Air Conditioner Giving You Problems?

Sometimes we make improper use of household appliances. This can cost us dearly, and the results can be seen in the electricity bill or the efficiency and durability of these appliances. Having to throw them away and buy new ones represents an extra expense, in addition to the environmental impact generated by the discarded material. One of the most expensive is air conditioning.

The main faults in air conditioners are sometimes easy to solve and do not take you more than typing “air conditioning repair near me” on your cell phone, but in other cases, they can cause the loss of the equipment. 

The worst time for your air conditioners to fail is when the temperatures start to rise. Fortunately, you can avoid this unwanted surprise if you pay attention to the signs that there may be a problem with your system. If you notice these signs, look for “air conditioning repair near me” to have them inspect your system and make the necessary repairs.


If this happens to you, check the power, plug connection, protection circuit operation, and the voltage suitable for starting the unit. In addition, the installer should check the general operation of the air conditioner, pressure measurements in cold and heat, leak test nuts, check the process, and explain to the customer the procedure of the remote control.


When your air conditioning system starts to smell musty, you may have a problem with moisture inside your system. In some cases, the musty smell may be due to excess water, but in other cases, your system may have mold or mildew in the ductwork.

Not only can a moisture problem lead to air conditioning system failure, but it can cause mold to become airborne throughout your space, putting the health of your family members, workers and pets at risk. It also leads to high levels of rust, resulting in leaks and increased energy consumption.


All HVAC systems have a drain line that should efficiently remove moisture from the system. However, the line can become clogged or rusted, causing it to fail; you may notice leaks in your system when this happens. Have your specialist inspect and replace your line, if necessary.

Pay attention to all the signs so you can detect possible failures in your air conditioning systems. Then, for more information or advice, contact the experts who will offer you comprehensive service, in addition to the sale of air conditioning and refrigeration systems from leading brands. 


When the air conditioner does not cool, the compressor is expected to be cold instead of emitting hot air as it should. This is because, in normal function, the evaporator coils and the compressor emits scorching air.

The leak must be found, and the hole that caused the gas to escape must be welded. Then perform a gas charge. It should be noted that equipment that already has several years in operation probably has R-22 refrigerant, which should be withdrawn from the market because it harms the environment. If the equipment has R-22, it should be replaced by R-410-A.

Before starting any overhaul, it is essential to take the following preventive measures:

  • Cut off the electricity supply if it is within reach. Otherwise, it is possible to suffer an electric shock.
  • Never get the indoor or outdoor unit wet for cleaning.
  • Clean the units with a soft, dry cloth, lightly dampened with water and neutral detergent.