Thursday, November 30

The Miracle Floor Coating: Epoxy


It’s amazing all the different kinds of buildings that can be improved by applying an epoxy floor coating. From new construction to restoring an old building, epoxy does it all.   It’s great for warehouses, chemical plants, homes, manufacturing plants, automotive shops, grocery stores  — just about any structure.

Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

Owners of construction companies have known for decades that the toughest floor finish is an epoxy floor coating Chicago.  It can stand up to heat, shock, heavy machinery, and just about anything else that happens to floors.   It won’t crack and it won’t show wear and tear.

Besides being tough, epoxy floor coating in Chicago is resilient.  It withstands heavy traffic and harsh chemicals.  Epoxy floor coatings bond to the floor beneath them, so it won’t detach from the concrete.  Epoxy floor coating also fills in defects in the concrete.  If the original floor had pit marks and other defects, they will be gone.

Another advantage of epoxy floor coating in Chicago is the beauty of the finished product.  People think of epoxy floors as just a dull gray warehouse floor.  They used to be that way.  But now you can have decorative chips of mica or quartz that make the floor sparkle, look great and improve traction.  

In addition, businesses and homeowners don’t have to remove their current flooring material. This saves time and money.  Once they are installed, epoxy floors in Chicago are easy to maintain.  Plus they are very cost-effective because they last so long.  Business owners and homeowners don’t have to spend the money to refinish their floors frequently.

Where Epoxy Floors Can be Installed

Technically, epoxy floor coating in Chicago can be installed over any type of flooring.  But it’s more practical to install it over concrete.  Other types of flooring will require more complicated installation, but a concrete floor will be a snap.

Homeowners often enter the house through the garage.  They come home, park the car in the garage, and walk into the house.  Most garage floors are concrete.  This is where an epoxy floor coating in Chicago truly shows its value.  The oils and chemicals that leak out of cars aren’t easily cleaned off of bare concrete.  People getting out of their cars track the grime into the house.

But with an epoxy floor coating in Chicago, the dirt and oils can’t penetrate the garage floor and can easily be wiped up.

Industries like warehousing and chemical manufacturing are great places for epoxy floor coatings.  If the production floor in a chemical plant is bare concrete, any chemicals that get leaked onto the floor will penetrate the floor and damage it.  But with an epoxy floor coating, the chemicals can’t damage the floor.  

In warehousing, a bare concrete floor will suffer a great deal of damage from forklifts and falling products.  With an epoxy floor coating, the floor will withstand all this abuse just fine.  The forklifts won’t bother it and anything that falls on it can’t harm it.